COVID-19 : wwoofing possible while respecting the preventive measures

Laura Burella

Co-founder and president from 2013 to 2017

I'm passionately WWOOF! WWOOFer at the moment, and dreaming of one day becoming a Whost too! Months of WWOOFing in Belgium and abroad brought me wonderful experiences and a new consciousness about life. Getting connected to the Earth, gave me a helping hand out of a meaningless corporate lifestyle. I'm involved in setting up and promoting WWOOF Belgium so that others can benefit like me from this amazing adventure. Would love to hear from other WWOOFers out there!

Jesus Flores

Administrator ( )

I am a man in transhumance, connected to nature by a kind of ancient animism that makes ​​me understand that ecology begins with the respect of humankind.

Through wwoofing "I'm learning to unlearn", sharing laughter and tears, while pouring milk for cheese, making bread, harvesting vegetables, chopping wood, pushing, falling, getting up again, getting some rest , sharing meals, a song, and sometimes love.

As a volunteer I learn to listen, and listen without judgment, to share and exchange the feeling that we are all deliverers of treasures.

Julie Vandehouten


The protection and understanding of our environment has always interested and motivated me. This led me to my first Wwoofing experience, which was in Africa, Tanzania. There I discovered the challenges and successes of sustainable agriculture in a context different from ours.

Strengthened by this experience, I wanted to apply these principles to my city life in Brussels, by creating my own garden for example. I am often surprised by how disconnected some people are from their food, they forget that it is a land in good health and the care of a farmer that feeds us.

I think Wwoofing can help reconnect consumers with producers. It is also a great opportunity to build up a new relationship with nature, one that can bring us a lot. That’s why today I commit myself to WWOOF Belgium!

Paul Barbieux

Webmaster ( )

My job is software developer in the sector of social security. But my hobby is making websites for associations working to improve society. So I am also the webmaster of the G1000, and I have a blog ironically titled "How do I save the world ?".

Bruno Goffart


I’m from Brussels, and the veteran of the group, but all my life I have worked for and with young people as I’m a retired teacher. As a child I was fortunate to live in the countryside and work and glean in the fields. With my school buddies, we would compete for the harvest of the largest bag of potatoes, we would meet up at the farms to see every year passing by the huge combine-harvesters. At the end of the holidays we would attend the end of season parties that each of the farmers organised on their land. My village and it’s peasant activities represent all my childhood, and working with the team gives me the feeling of reliving this unforgettable past.

Greet Heylen


Inspirator, organizer and devotee. To live in connection with ourself, each other and nature. That’s what I choose. I’m active in the transition movement. Transition towards an ecologically balanced way of life. Organic, fair and locally produced food is the basis of this balance. Life on a farm suits me. The contact with the soil, our soil. With the abundance that nature offers us when we don’t exploit her. This experience I want to share with others. That’s why I’m engaged in WWOOF Belgium. I live in Flanders, a densely populated area, but even here more and more fantastic WWOOF places are seeing the day.

Christophe Van goethem


Simple presentation, I had a long training in environmental chemistry 6 years ago now. Since then, I am active in the field of environment and natural farming.

I first started as a volunteer in various environmental NGOs so as to participate in public activities and then get involved in international solidarity projects. From there, I decided to quit my job so as to travel and better understand the North-South relationships. For 3 years, I observed the impact of globalisation on agriculture, the environment and society at large.

Wwoofing remains for me one of the best training schools in agriculture, and at the same time combines the fun of travel. My goal, to go from 1% of agriculture in Belgium to 100%, using all existing alternatives (Nature Guide, Intensive Vegetable Bio projects, Agroecology and Permaculture, Biodynamics, ...).